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what is on-page seo Search Engine Marketing 

What is on page seo?

  On-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, is the practice of optimising individual web pages in order to improve the ranking of a page with search engines. By optimising a page, the end goal is to gain more visits to your site and ensure that the traffic that does come to your website is as relevant as it can be. On-page refers to content of a page, both front facing as well as the html code, that can be optimised. While off-page SEO refers to links and other external…

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Social Media Marketing 

The Deadly Tactics of Social Media Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, social media channels are one of the popular choices for marketers around the world. These channels usually gather lots of information about their subscribers through which one can easily target a specific audience, in certain locations, with a small budget and get positive results. Thus, marketing on these channels seem to be the logical way, especially for small and medium businesses which usually have a small budget for marketing. Can Social Media Marketing Go Wrong? Many people underestimate the power of social media and…

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domain and websites Websites & Digital Assets 

Why do I need a domain name for my business?

A domain name is an essential part of your business and is the starting block to displaying your brand digitally. We explained in our article “Domain name VS Website: the difference explained” what your domain is and how it connects to other digital assets but this article explains why you need a domain for your business’ growth.  Acquiring a domain should be THE number one priority on your list for setting up your business. Accessibility You may have an actual bricks and mortar shop that opens 9 to 5 but…

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house Websites & Digital Assets 

Domain Name VS Website: The Difference Explained

When you work in the digital and web development field it can sometimes be very easy to forget that some of the terminology you use on a daily basis are not common words for the majority of the public. We find that the definition and understanding around digital assets, such as domains and websites, can often be confused so we try our best to explain to our customers the differences in very simple terms that anyone can understand no matter their background. This article will clarify the main differences between…

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Hashtag fever Social Media Marketing 

The Hashtag Fever

In the beginning, social media channels started as a happy medium in which people communicate, share their photos and opinions and meet new friends. Not so long after, they’ve invaded the internet and changed even the basics of how our world functions. Most importantly, they have become a vital tool for advocacy and outreach; two important elements that helped to create new business models and update the marketing strategies around the world. Then comes that day back on August 2007 when Chris Messina, a social technology expert, tweeted the very…

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SEO-for-web Search Engine Marketing 

SEO for beginners: The whats and the hows and everything in between!

Whether you are a website owner, marketer, or working in the web development business, you must have heard of SEO and its importance in bringing your website to the top of search results, but what is SEO and how does it really work? What is SEO? SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation and it means exactly that; a repeatable process or steps which aims at optimising and enhancing the content and quality of your website to prove to search engines that your website is worth showing. Google search…

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Social media Social Media Marketing 

Leading Social Media Platforms in 2018

The popularity of Social Media Platforms has drastically increased over the last decade because they provide this immense virtual medium that can be easily accessed by people of all ages, sex and backgrounds, allowing anyone to communicate and share their point of view no matter their location in the world. What makes these networks a very powerful marketing tool is the very essence of human nature. People are very curious and they log in to their social media accounts every day ready to learn something new, whether it’s gossip about…

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Magazine Branding & Design 

Print Media Tips and Tricks

Despite the fact that social media and online marketing have become very popular during the last few years and reduced the popularity of print media for countless reasons, print media is still a very effective tool in reaching those who either don’t know how to use social media platforms, don’t have the time for internet browsing or chose to opt out of it and invest their free time in different ways; surprisingly 47% of Europe population according to a recent report issued by Hootsuite. In this article, we will explain…

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Google Chrome SSL Certificate Websites & Digital Assets 

Google Chrome SSL certificate changes. Are you ready?

Imagine you are searching for a product online and you click on a website to see a warning page telling you that this website is not secure. Would you still click through to the website or would you choose to get your product from a different site? Imagine if the same thing started to happen with your own website. How many customers will you lose? How fast will your online sales decline? Such an unfortunate scenario became more probable today with Google’s recent changes regarding SSL. Starting from July 2018,…

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Women laughing with salad Branding & Design 

Women laughing alone with salad: Representations of women in stock imagery

As marketers we deal with images every day. We design adverts and documents, create website banners and infographics and bring to life campaigns for our clients. We use imagery to convey these ideas and look for the best quality photos to use or inspire ourselves.  Like any other industry there are trends that come and go, but one trend that is particularly pervasive in the stock image world is the limited representation of women. Although our team includes women and we were aware of this tendency for images to be…

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