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how to design a website Branding & Design 

How to design a website

  All businesses need a website, but first you need to know how to design a website and what’s the best way to go about designing one? In this post we’ll take you through the process from helping you understand how to go about uncovering the purpose of your website, through to defining your brand and creating visual designs. The basic approach to designing a website covers 8 steps: Understand your audience and outline the purpose of your website Define your brand Research design trends and preferred styling options Choose…

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what is interactive design Branding & Design 

What is Interactive Design

When we think of interactive design our mind jumps to things such as apps for mobile phones and tablet computers or maybe websites, but really it references any design that accommodates bi-directional contact between a user and a device. Essentially if the user’s input controls the output of a device creating a back and forth dynamic between the two parties then we have interactive design.   It’s something we encounter almost constantly in our daily lives, and if done well we won’t even notice it. For instance, if you’re watching…

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end to end user experience Branding & Design 

What is end to end user experience?

 In modern society, everybody’s connected. We’re all online, we all use social media and we all interact with brands without even realising it. If you’re a business owner each one of these interactions informs the user’s experience with your brand. End to end user experience is about considering each and every interaction a user has with your brand during their relationship with your service and how to make the make best use of these contact points for both yourself and your users.   The first step in implementing end to…

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What is good web design Branding & Design 

What is good web design

  Every business needs a website that showcases their products and services to the end users. It can be a very simple brochure site or a huge ecommerce platform, but most business owners would agree they want their website to look good. But, what does good web design look like. The answer, many will say, is entirely subjective, but if you understand the principles and purpose behind design as whole (not just in web design) then there are key things to look for when it comes to good web design….

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ux and ui design comparison Branding & Design 

The Difference between UX and UI

UI and UX design are two disciplines that are often confused and misunderstood. The two are closely related and there is a degree of overlap, but they refer to distinct parts of the design process. Through this post we’ll talk about what the terms UX and UI mean, what their respective workflows look like and how they fit together.   What is UX Design? The UX stands for ‘User Experience’. So, if we think about the design process for a website or app the UX refers to the experience that…

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Magazine Branding & Design 

Print Media Tips and Tricks

Despite the fact that social media and online marketing have become very popular during the last few years and reduced the popularity of print media for countless reasons, print media is still a very effective tool in reaching those who either don’t know how to use social media platforms, don’t have the time for internet browsing or chose to opt out of it and invest their free time in different ways; surprisingly 47% of Europe population according to a recent report issued by Hootsuite. In this article, we will explain…

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Women laughing with salad Branding & Design 

Women laughing alone with salad: Representations of women in stock imagery

As marketers we deal with images every day. We design adverts and documents, create website banners and infographics and bring to life campaigns for our clients. We use imagery to convey these ideas and look for the best quality photos to use or inspire ourselves.  Like any other industry there are trends that come and go, but one trend that is particularly pervasive in the stock image world is the limited representation of women. Although our team includes women and we were aware of this tendency for images to be…

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Branding & Design 

Basic Guidelines for Accessible Designs

Accessibility means enabling people with disabilities, including those with age-related impairments to perceive, understand, navigate, interact with and equally contribute to websites and tools without barriers. Some designers think that accessibility guidelines may hinder their ability to be innovative and produce attractive and eye-catching materials. This is both right and wrong. Accessible designs can be simpler but at the same time easier to digest by everyone not only people with disabilities. Think about it this way, a successful design is the one that can convey its message to the largest…

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