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How to set up conversions on Google Analytics Reporting & Strategy 

How to set up conversions on Google Analytics

If you want to measure the success of your site you need to set some goals with your business in mind. If you receive lots of traffic to your site but you receive no sales then your visits are not converting. In this article we explain how to set up conversion tracking and how to understand the data you receive from conversion reporting.   What Are Conversions? A conversion takes place when a visitor to your site takes an action you are interested in and “converts” to a customer or…

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setting up analytics goals Reporting & Strategy 

How to set up Goals in Google Analytics

  If you don’t set a goal how can you achieve your aims. This is a vital part of anyone’s life who is looking to do their best and make the right changes, but this is also the mentality everyone should have in business, because without goals and being able to measure your success, you won’t get very far. We all want more traffic to our websites but what is the point if you don’t get a return on a visit. Business owners need to be tracking more than just…

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Reporting & Strategy 

Common Google Analytics Errors

  We know that data is everything when it comes to marketing your business effectively and Google Analytics is the key tool for many small businesses. Collecting the relevant data from your site and analysing it can help your business grow but for many, common Google Analytics errors can hinder this vital resource. In this article we explain some of the most common Google Analytics errors and what you can do to set things write. Common Google Analytics Errors In this article we will discuss Missing or incorrect tracking codes…

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Reporting & Strategy 

How to deactivate Google Analytics

  Whether you are a one-man band or a large marketing agency, you are probably using Google Analytics to track data on a website. Google Analytics endless features make it the go to product but have you ever thought about what to do when you no longer need it. If you get rid of a website, no longer need access to its data or your client no longer wants the service you should disconnect your Google Analytics. Even if you have deleted the website, the connection still remains with Google…

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Reporting & Strategy 

Two simple filter methods to Stopping Google Analytics Spam Bots

Picture this, you’re on your Google Analytics account looking at the traffic for your website for the last 30 days, you see a HUGE peak on one day and you think wow what was I doing that day to make that happen. You might have put on a short flash sale or an email blast which drove the traffic but if nothing comes immediately to mind and the traffic is way above what you normally expect then you could be the victim of a bot attack. Google Analytics is a…

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Reporting & Strategy 

Set Up Your Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is a marketer’s dream. It’s an expansive tool which has been the mainstay of marketing professionals and business owners alike when it comes to monitoring their businesses. Although there are now countless analytics tools on the market today, Google is still far ahead of the crowd when it comes to development of this service which is why it is the number one data collector on the web. In our series about Google Analytics we are going to take you from set up through to deactivation, and all the…

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Marketing Trends 2019 Reporting & Strategy 

Marketing Trends That are Shaping 2019

Marketing tools are constantly evolving and maturing into smarter and more customer-driven techniques. The changes usually aim at generating better results for businesses without compromising the customers’ experience. I.e. developing intelligent tools that help both; the clients to find services or products they are looking for, and businesses to grow and thrive. If you don’t pay attention to the changes and new trends in marketing, you’ll soon find yourself out of the game. In this article, we will highlight the top three trends that you should optimise your marketing strategy…

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