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Should i use Pinterest for business Social Media Marketing 

Should I use Pinterest for my business

  Still considered to be a bit of a new kid on the block, Pinterest, like Instagram, was established in 2010 but didn’t see its growth skyrocket until a few years later. Like Instagram, Pinterest is a visual social media platform driven by gorgeous imagery, and in later years product advertisement linked to lifestyle. Facebook has long been the social media platform that businesses have chosen to focus on, but Pinterest is an outlet that many businesses should not ignore. Depending on your business type it could be the key…

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Social Media Marketing 

The Deadly Tactics of Social Media Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, social media channels are one of the popular choices for marketers around the world. These channels usually gather lots of information about their subscribers through which one can easily target a specific audience, in certain locations, with a small budget and get positive results. Thus, marketing on these channels seem to be the logical way, especially for small and medium businesses which usually have a small budget for marketing. Can Social Media Marketing Go Wrong? Many people underestimate the power of social media and…

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Hashtag fever Social Media Marketing 

The Hashtag Fever

In the beginning, social media channels started as a happy medium in which people communicate, share their photos and opinions and meet new friends. Not so long after, they’ve invaded the internet and changed even the basics of how our world functions. Most importantly, they have become a vital tool for advocacy and outreach; two important elements that helped to create new business models and update the marketing strategies around the world. Then comes that day back on August 2007 when Chris Messina, a social technology expert, tweeted the very…

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Social media Social Media Marketing 

Leading Social Media Platforms in 2018

The popularity of Social Media Platforms has drastically increased over the last decade because they provide this immense virtual medium that can be easily accessed by people of all ages, sex and backgrounds, allowing anyone to communicate and share their point of view no matter their location in the world. What makes these networks a very powerful marketing tool is the very essence of human nature. People are very curious and they log in to their social media accounts every day ready to learn something new, whether it’s gossip about…

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Social Media Marketing 

How to use major events to market your products and services.

During big events like Valentine’s Day, Christmas or the Olympics, many companies get busy planning and designing the right campaign to get more leads and increase their sales. Marketers in particular use social media and hashtags to join in the conversation about such major events and promote for their clients without having to pay lots of money on advertisements.  But with many competitors taking over the social media platforms and stealing all the light, what can you do to ensure a successful marketing campaign? Here are some tips and tricks…

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