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Why do I need a domain name for my business?

A domain name is an essential part of your business and is the starting block to displaying your brand digitally. We explained in our article “Domain name VS Website: the difference explained” what your domain is and how it connects to other digital assets but this article explains why you need a domain for your business’ growth.  Acquiring a domain should be THE number one priority on your list for setting up your business.


You may have an actual bricks and mortar shop that opens 9 to 5 but a website created using your domain name is open 24/7. Even if you don’t sell online, a website gives users an opportunity to interact with your company outside of opening hours. They can get information about opening times, contact detail, see the range of products and services you offer and find out more about your business as a whole. The more customers can get to know you the more likely they are to visit your physical store. Without a domain name you can’t create a website, and without a website your limiting the opportunities to find more customers for your on the street shop.

Online Sales

You may not be selling online yet but there is no reason why you can’t start today and capitalise on the growing number of online shoppers. The UK has seen massive growth in eCommerce sales in the past ten years and it is expected to rise further as mobile traffic increases, convenience continues to be a top priority for consumers and price points squeeze customers to shop smarter.  By selling your services and products online, you can expand your customer base to other regions, nationally and even globally.

Brand Protection

If you don’t register a domain name and create a site for your business, someone else might. There are billions of people in the world, so the potential for others to have a similar business or organisation name to your or the exact same one could easily happen. We have experienced this with numerous clients who have not bought the domain or not renewed it to find another company has pinched their domain name. Unless they are willing to sell it to you for a high price, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get hold of it again. Another major factor to consider is the fact that your competitors could be the ones who buy your domain, meaning you could lose business to them. They’ll be able to get visitors to their site using your preferred domain name and there is nothing you can do to mitigate this. If don’t have your preferred domain but it is still available, buy your domain name today before it’s too late. We also recommend registering multiple domain names; examplename.co.uk, examplename.com, examplename.net, to extend your brand protection.

Professional Email

Did you know that by using a generic non-business free email such as (john@gmail.com or jane@aol.com) can stop customers trusting your company? A free email service will not only make your business look inexperienced and unprofessional but also have customers questioning the credibility of your company and whether it’s real or not. This is why having a business email linked to your domain is critical for your success. It will make your customers feel more secure to purchase your products or use your services.


Your domain allows you to build a website that can promote your services and products as well as any special offers or discounts but it can be used to promote in many other online and offline ways too.

You can use your domain name as your main name on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. You can change the URL of your main business page from lots of random numbers such as facebook.com/098364859028 to a vanity URL which uses your domain name instead facebook.com/examplename. This will help potential leads find you more easily on social platforms and extend your digital presence online.

Once you have your website set up and your email working you can also use your domain to promote offline. Any stationary you produce like business cards, brochures and letterheads can all include your domain website address and your branded email. This little detail may seem insignificant but most of the public expect to see this type of information on marketing literature and without it you run the risk of losing out on potential connections.


An online presence can lead to brand reinforcement which can help promote your business as a trusted professional. If you don’t have a website how can customers find information about you to make an informed decision about a purchase or service. A business without a website is a red flag in this day and age when everyone is expected to be online, even those in traditional industries. Every company no matter how big or small needs a website and to have that you need a domain.

Move with the times

The above advice for obtaining your domain name add up to the simple statements that having a domain name and it’s associated assets makes your company more trustworthy, accessible to more people and an essential marketing tool in this digital age. Having your digital presence set up in the right way also shows your company as forward-thinking. Owning your domain name indicates that you are part of the Digital Revolution, and implies that you’re up-to-date on emerging technologies.

So, it’s time to get with the revolution and buy your domain. We can help you in all aspects of domain management, website creation and email implementation. Drop us an email at hello@daffodil-marketing.com or call our team on 0345 200 26 50 and press 2 for the sales line.


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