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Is SEO expensive

There are a lot of myths and falsehoods around SEO, with businesses often querying, “is SEO expensive”. This idea comes from lots of different angles but it’s normally a combination of a lack of understanding of SEO work and a lack of transparency from SEO agencies. We hope to dispel some of these ideas and provide you with an understanding of the true value of SEO services.

Is SEO expensive, first define expensive

Expensive normally means high in price, but what people often mean when they say something is too expensive, is that it exceeds their budget or they don’t believe the value of the product or service matches the price tag.  Whenever a business is looking to invest in goods or services with another business, they should always start with a budget in mind. It may be that you have a maximum allocated budget already or you may need to do a bit of research to establish this. Below we lay out the main reasons why SEO may cost more than you were expecting.

Why is SEO “expensive”?

When you are paying for a service rather than a product, you are paying for time rather than physical goods, this is the same for SEO where a service is being provided. Therefore any cost associated with SEO is mainly down to the time it takes the provider to deliver the service. It should be noted that there are also tools that SEO agencies use that add to their expenses.

Needs the right expertise

The market is currently crammed full of SEO experts and copywriters, with agencies as well as freelancers offering their wares. Just because someone says they do SEO doesn’t mean they will do it well, so it is important to look for an expert that can provide you with good testimonials, proven results and most importantly that they can work in your industry. You need to pick the right expertise for your business as not all SEO strategies are the same. Some agencies have a specialism in local campaigns for SMEs while others will be more suited to providing far-reaching campaigns for global,  e-commerce sites. If you have a business with a wide reach and in a very competitive industry, expect to pay more for an agency that can handle the demands of a large company

It’s not easy

There are core principles to all SEO work which anyone can follow to improve a website’s ranking but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task.  Most of the work involved to improve a site is down to lots of research before even putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. You need to understand how people search and what they search for when using search engines like Google. This changes from place to place with different demographics and throughout the months and years. Search Engine optimisers understand what to look for and how to apply it, often this is through years of trial and error and the collective experience they gain through working on different projects. Your SEO agency might write only 300 words for a page which may not look like a lot but it’s the hours of work that go into selecting the right combination of words and phrases where the real work is. It takes serious levels of experience, empathy and research to create a successful SEO campaign. It’s important to remember you are paying for their experience, not specifically the content produced.

Takes a long time

SEO is not an instant fix and because it takes longer to achieve results for a business, you will continue to pay for the service over many months and years. You could spend just as much on a weekend PPC campaign but you would not gain the long term benefits of evergreen content that is part of a good SEO strategy. Most SEO campaigns will see results between 6 and 12 months but some businesses can experience improvements in their traffic and conversions within 3.  When you select the right SEO company to work with you will achieve a much better return on investment than short term marketing solutions.

SEO can be expensive but…

…the benefits in the long run for your business are great. When you invest in SEO over a long period the work performed will continue to impact your site long after it has been deployed. Although we consider SEO to be an ongoing strategy that needs to be updated throughout your business’ life, we know that the work we do will continue to provide benefits to our clients even if we stop work on their site. Some of our most successful campaigns have been built on content writing with some articles and case studies still drawing large amounts of qualified traffic to our client’s site years later. If you’d like to start your SEO journey with a qualified SEO agency at an affordable rate please get in touch. Call 0345 200 26 50 or email sales@daffodil-marketing.com to tell us about your business.

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