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Should I build my website using Wix?

If you’re looking to start a business you‘ll know that a website is essential. Or maybe you have an existing website that you are looking to rebrand or modernise. The next question that comes across many small business owners minds is “should I build my website using WIX?”. We are here to give you a rundown of the pros and cons of using WIX and why building your website using WIX may not be the best option is seems at first glance.

What is WIX?

WIX is an online web building platform that uses drag and drop features to allow users to make small websites. They provide domain management as well as the hosting of websites. There are also several WIX apps and third-party apps that can be utilised to extend website features.

Should I build my website using Wix? The Pros and cons

In this article,  we are specifically going to compare Wix with actual web development rather than a comparison with other website builders. Though it should be noted that many of the pros and cons are apparent in other mainstream website builders such as Squarespace, Weebly and Webflow etc.

Pros of building website using WIX

No web experience necessary

One of the main reasons for the popularity of website builders such as WIX is the ability for anyone to use them regardless of what web building experience they have. The simple drag and drop features allow even a tech novice to build a website with the right information. Though having some development experience will make the job that much quicker, there are plenty of articles and tutorials to help beginners out. No experience necessary is the driving force behind website builders in the DIY culture of SME with a limited budget.

Off the shelf attractive designs

Following along the same vein, if you have no website experience previously you may find it harder to build an eye-catching and beautiful site. WIX allows you to choose from hundreds of themes which makes styling of a website as simple as a click of a button. If you want a simple site that looks okay without the need for it to match your brand to a tee then WIX offers a basic solution.


The final appeal of website builders is that the initial outlay is cheap. WIX offers a free hosting package, though you will have to buy your domain, as well as premium subscriptions with more features and flexibility. Free packages often mean you have to display the website builders branding which at times can make your site look unprofessional. However, if you have no budget then WIX can provide a straightforward no-frills answer.   When you compare their premium subscriptions however, the cost is comparable with other website hosting companies or more expensive so it’s not as good a deal as you may first think. As with all items, it’s best to shop around to get the best deal if finance is your primary concern.

Cons of using Wix to build a website

Not customisable or scalable

One of the main criticism from web developers and business owners alike is that WIX is very limited in its development and design potential. As it relies on a simple drag and drop feature there is hardly any room for actual development work to take place. As one example, It does not allow for custom javascript and any HTML that can be inputted is limited in its styling and functional scope.  For business owners, it means that their ­website is limited by the features of WIX which could stop them from standing out as a company and scaling up the site as their customer base grows.

Can cost more in the long run

It may be free to start but it can soon cost a lot more in terms of extra spending but also in lost revenue. As the customisation of the site is limited for non-coders, you may need to hirer developers to achieve exactly what you want. This can, of course, cost you more than you may have been expecting.  You may also have to spend more on third-party apps to include in your site in order to expand the functionality.

Another thing to consider is the loss of custom from a poor website. If your site is hard to use, is not very attractive or doesn’t provide all the features a customer would expect on a site, then it could put them off buying from or contacting you. With the limitations of a WIX site, you could find that your website does not perform as well as it could if you had built a custom website for your business.

Loading speed

Fast website speeds are an important factor in Google Ranking for your SEO and it also can be a reason a user has a better website experience. Much of WIX is built on Flash technology which is a very slow technology in these modern times. Though they are moving away from this it still affects most WIX sites, especially on mobile. According to Google, the longer the page load the more likely a user is to bounce. With this in mind, you want to make your website as fast as possible to get the maximum amount of traffic that will actually reach your site.

Should I build my website using Wix? No, because speed is a massive ranking factor for SEO and WIX sites do not load fast

Challenging for Marketers

As a marketing company ourselves, we know we’d do anything to make sure our clients have the best chance to stand out from the crowd. We would never advise our clients to use WIX or any website builder when it comes to getting the best out of their marketing efforts. Though WIX states it is good for SEO, we find improving the site with on-page SEO can only take a client so far as most technical changes are out of your hands. The only way to get around this would be to create a large content marketing plan to trade off against the negatives. It doesn’t support Google Analytics goal or event tracking which is a fundamental part of a marketers tools. It also doesn’t support or integrate with many other software/tracking/tools you’ll need for complex PPC Campaigns. Overall we find having the flexibility of a custom site allows us to maximise our marketing efforts for clients.

Should you build your website in WIX?

The short answer is no. If you are a business owner you should invest in a professional website that has been designed and built by experts. It will look and work better than anything WIX or other website builders can provide and it will result in a far better conversion rate. You will be able to drive more traffic to a custom site that is optimised for SEO and other marketing campaigns and you will be able to scale the site up as your business grows.

If you’d like to talk about your website needs then get in touch with our sales team, sales@daffodil-marketing.com or call 0345 200 2650

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