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Should I use Pinterest for my business


Still considered to be a bit of a new kid on the block, Pinterest, like Instagram, was established in 2010 but didn’t see its growth skyrocket until a few years later. Like Instagram, Pinterest is a visual social media platform driven by gorgeous imagery, and in later years product advertisement linked to lifestyle. Facebook has long been the social media platform that businesses have chosen to focus on, but Pinterest is an outlet that many businesses should not ignore. Depending on your business type it could be the key to growth and success.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest’s own about us statement says it all. “Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more.” Users find images they like online or through Pinterest itself and ‘pin’ them to their board. Its very much like an online mood board or a wish list. You can use it to collate ideas together so you can always refer back to them for inspiration (home décor ideas), to buy a product (clothing item) or to make something (a recipe or craft project).

Pinterest is made of up three elements, Pins, Boards and Feeds, below is a brief description of each.


A pin is an image that is collected by a user. You can pin images directly from Pinterest (on a browser or in their App). You can find inspiration on another website and pin it either by saving the image and uploading directly to Pinterest, using a share button on your mobile to create a pin or download an extension for your browser which allows you to pin. You can also upload your own photos to Pinterest directly from your computer or mobile.


A board represents a collection of pins. Boards are used to organise pins and save similar ideas together, for example a board for wedding ideas, a board for recipes and a board for makeup ideas. Boards can be named to organise in to sub categories, for example if you have lots of food and recipe ideas, they can be split in to ‘Recipes – Vegan’, ‘Recipes – BBQ’ and ‘Recipes – desserts’.


The feed of your Pinterest account will show you similar ideas to what you’ve pinned, adverts for products you might be interested in and images people you follow have pinned. This feature allows you to discover new things or ideas that are related to categories you are interested in.

Users can also follow other users if they find what they pin interesting and can comment on pins to share their views and opinions, this is the social side on Pinterest.

Is Pinterest right for my business


Is Pinterest good for business?

Pinterest may just seem like a fun app for people to collect ideas but it can be utilised very effectively for businesses in the right market. These key statistics from Pinterest itself show why businesses would be foolish to overlook this platform.

  • Pinterest has over 250 Million users every month worldwide
  • 98% of have tried something new that they found on Pinterest
  • 84% use Pinterest when they’re trying to decide what to buy
  • 77% have found a new brand or product

The potential customer base here is great, not only in terms of volume but also by intent. If you have a product that fits the demographic, you have a captive audience that is willing to invest in your brand.

How you can use Pinterest for business

There are many ways you can utilise Pinterest for business, you can focus on one strategy or do it all if you think it will be THE social channel to enhance your marketing efforts. Below we discuss some objectives and how you can achieve them, each one building on the last.

Build you brand with Pinterest

If you are new to Pinterest or your business is new and lacking exposure, looking at building your brand using Pinterest can help get your name out there. Building a profile with pins and boards that reflect your offering, aesthetic and even your values can be used to create a vision of your company for potential customers. You may not be selling your work online or your providing services rather than products but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to create a digital presence. Here are some simple things you can do with Pinterest to start building your brand.

  • Create a business profile, making sure to link your website and fill in the company bio with what makes your business the best.
  • Create boards that are related to your business and pin relevant images. Make sure you have at least 30 pins to a board. Example – if you are restaurant you could create boards about different cuisines, local events, fun activities to do, it all depends on your audience and what they would enjoy viewing.
  • Follow people that inspire you but also follow potential customers. You can search for users via location or interest and follow them.

can i use pinterest for my business

Drive Traffic to your website with Pinterest

If you want your customer to visit your website and follow a sales process, you need to utilise Pinterest to drive traffic there. You can follow the above steps in the Build your Brand section but you need to make pins that people will want to click on to visit your site. Pinterest is driven by quality imagery and people can spend hours flicking through Pinterest and never leaving the site, so you need to make your pins enticing enough that they will click through.

  • Create images for written content on your website such as a product page or blog post that reflect your brand style and match your website design.
  • Make sure the images you create are the right dimensions, Pinterest says 600 x 900 pixels is optimal – or any 2:3 aspect ratio.
  • Add text over the image to drive more clicks. Make sure to be honest about what a user will find once they click through, avoid click bait phrasing.
  • Upload the image directly to Pinterest but make sure to include a URL, or better yet, add that image directly to your website and Pin that image directly from your website.
  • When adding a description to a pin to explain what it is, make it very clear what the user will find when they click through and be as descriptive as possible.
  • Add hashtags to improve your chances of discovery but don’t do too many as it can look spammy. 5-10 hashtags such suffice.

Example Pinterest board Adverts

Get Sales directly from Pinterest

If you sell products online then you could use Pinterest to get a lot more sales. Above is an example of a board by supermarket Sainsbury. They use food imagery overlaid with text, short videos and collections of products to showcase what they have to offer without being overly salesy. Follow the previously mentioned ideas but switch the focus to you and your products to increase sales.

  • Create imagery of your products and test out different options. Use plain backgrounds with just your product, try lifestyle image which includes your product, or use colourful/textured backgrounds to add more interest.
  • Create adverts for your pins. You can use a very small budget to show adverts on Pinterest to the right demographic. Pinterest has a whole suite of features for businesses who want to advertise with them.
  • Make sure your website is up to scratch, there is no point in sending customer to a site that doesn’t make it easy for them to buy, so think about the customer journey from Pinterest to order confirmation.
  • Test your website using the Pinterest app. There is nothing more frustrating then visiting a site within the App to find that adverts block the content, the navigation is unusable or you can’t get to the shopping basket.


Is Pinterest right for my business?

Though Pinterest has the potential to be used for many different industries and business types, Pinterest currently has quite apparent audience trends that need to be considered.

Pinterest is used mostly by Women, but Pinterest has attracted more men in recent years, with some predicting they will reach a 70/30 divide of women to men by 2022. Women utilise the platform frequently because they are normally the main decision makers in the household for particular areas and this is reflected in the most popular types of pins. These areas include recipe ideas, home and garden decoration, clothing, beauty, crafts and weddings. If your business is involved in one of these categories, then your company should be utilising Pinterest.


If you’d like Daffodil Marketing to help with your Pinterest presence, give us as call on 0345 200 2650 to speak to our Sales Team or email hello@daffodil-marketing.com.


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