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The Deadly Tactics of Social Media Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, social media channels are one of the popular choices for marketers around the world. These channels usually gather lots of information about their subscribers through which one can easily target a specific audience, in certain locations, with a small budget and get positive results. Thus, marketing on these channels seem to be the logical way, especially for small and medium businesses which usually have a small budget for marketing.

Can Social Media Marketing Go Wrong?

Many people underestimate the power of social media and think that the worst thing that can happen is losing their small budget. Unfortunately, things can get way worst. Anything you post online cannot be forgotten – or easily forgotten – especially when there’s something wrong in it. Your posts can spread around like flaming fire even on channels that you didn’t target in the first place.

Luckily, the spotlight is on the big companies most of the time and small businesses tend to get away with small mistakes. However, it only takes seconds for people to develop an opinion about your brand and decide whether to follow it or avoid its posts in the future. Such a small detail can have a big impact on your business. Therefore, even if you are targeting a small audience in your social media advertisements, you need to do it right.

The Do’s and Don’ts on Social Media Channels

So, which social media platform do you need to target and what tactics should you avoid? Read on as we list the most popular social media channels and the do’s and don’ts of each one.

  • Facebook

Facebook is the most powerful social media channel at the time being. Every business in every industry needs to have a business page on this channel and start using it to increase their brand awareness. However, make sure to avoid doing these three mistakes:

1- Targeting generation Z:

Despite the popularity of Facebook among Gen Y, X and their older counterparts, it’s not a gen Z platform. If you are targeting a group of people under the age of 22, don’t waste your money on Facebook.

2Not using paid adverts:

If you are on Facebook, you need to use paid adverts. The popularity of Facebook has become so big that if you don’t use paid adverts it’s unlikely your page will be found. Start with a small budget and increase it with time as you get more familiar with all the tricks of Facebook paid advertisements. You’ll also have the time to analyse your results and decide which targeting strategies fit best for the type of business you run.

3- Running away from complaints:

Reviews are such a great tool to improve your business and get more customers. However, mistakes happen and people might leave negative reviews every now and then on your page. The worst thing you can do in such situation is ignoring these reviews. Instead, turn negative reviews in to positive ones by showing your customers your high level of professionalism. For example, try to contact your customer and solve their complaint, or show sincere apology if solving it was not possible.

  • Twitter

Twitter is a popular social media channel but it’s not for every business. Here are the four deadly tactics that businesses commonly do on Twitter:

1- Selling all the time:

Twitter is all about creating a conversation about something that is now trending or is going to happen soon and keep this conversation going. For example, discussions about a Halloween party next week in a local restaurant, a new smart phone that has just been revealed, an opinion about a TV or Radio show and so on. If your business is all about promoting services and displaying what’s on your shelves rather than creating conversations, then stay away from Twitter.

2- No Hashtags or too many hashtags:

As you’ve read in our article “The Hashtag Fever”, the concept of hashtags was invented after Twitter but since then it becomes an essential part of Twitter’s identity. If you’re not using hashtags, then start now but don’t abuse the system. Use hashtags in moderation to reach a larger audience. Too many hashtags will upset Twitter and they might penalise your account and hide all your tweets from search results.

3- Long, long tweets:

Twitter allows you to write 280 character per tweet, but don’t use them all! Be concise and get to the point as quickly as possible. Readers need to understand the content of your tweet with just a glance and decide whether to stop and read it or keep scrolling down.

4- Automating everything!

It’s not easy to be on Twitter. You need to be available throughout the day, create interesting conversations and keep them going, like and retweet other tweets and so on. Many businesses find it easier to just use a bulk scheduling application and automate their Twitter account. This method might give you good results and the peace of mind at the first 2 months, but before you know it people will stop interacting with your tweets and you start to lose you popularity. If you have to automate your account, don’t automate everything. Stay on Twitter and interact with people at least once a day.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more like a business medium where people share their expertise, learn more about other businesses and hunt for work opportunities. If you are on LinkedIn, avoid doing these two mistakes:

1- Typos:

In a professional social media channel, the last thing you want to create is a company’s profile that is full of typos. As soon as people notice them, they’ll develop the wrong opinion about your business and stop interacting with your posts.

2- Running a company’s page, but not a profile page:

On the company page, you’re only waiting to be found which might take time. The advantage of a profile page is that you can connect with people in the same industry or have interest in your business and get them to know you. You can then share your company’s page posts and articles and help speed up its popularity.

  • Instagram:

Instagram is a very powerful tool that can help you achieve many marketing goals if you know how to run it. In fact, Instagram has the top engagement rate among all other social media platforms including Facebook! But if you do it wrong, your account will go unnoticed. Here are the five deadly things you need to avoid:

1- Low quality photos:

Instagram is all about quality content and fresh beautiful photos. That’s why it’s very important to check the quality of your photos or videos before posting them on Instagram.

2- No link in your bio:

Always include a link to your website in your profile bio to drive clicks and traffic to your website. Failing to do so means you’ll get many likes on your photos but none of these likes will actually convert into a lead for your business. Simply because your followers don’t know how to find you!

3- Ignoring stories:

Instagram stories are the big new trend. It’s a feature that allows you to post photos and videos that will disappear after 24 hours. During this time, more people are likely to find your story, click through to your profile and engage with other posts on your Instagram. It’s a powerful tool to help you be found, highlight live and timely events that keeps people interested in your brand and encourage them to interact more with your posts.

4- No hashtags:

Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post. Unlike Twitter, we advise you to use them all! The only thing you need to consider is finding the right hashtags that are related to your content and popular on Instagram.

5- Private account:

this might seem obvious but many companies forget to set their Instagram profile on public. If you leave it on private, the only people who can see your content are your current followers. A tiny mistake that will significantly drop down your reach and impressions.

  • Snapchat

Snapchat is the new giant but only among generation Z. If your business doesn’t target this age group then there’s no point for you to be on snapchat. If you do, then avoid these three mistakes:

1- Your stories are too long or too short:

You might be tempted to make Snapchat stories out of several photos and videos thinking that people will stay and watch them till their end. Remember, your viewers are most likely from generation Z who tend to appreciate concise information. Too long stories will be boring for them and they are likely to leave your stories.

On the contrary, stories that are too short are also not a good thing. You need to give your viewers a chance to understand what’s going on without being too boring or too quick or you’ll push away your viewers.

2- No call to action:

Always make sure that there’s a call to action in your snapchat story to drive traffic to your website and increase your popularity. For example, include a link to your website and ask your viewers to take a screenshot of it and visit it later. Ask them to reply to your story, take screenshot of your images, or give them more information about your next story to keep them interested.

3- Your stories require sounds:

Not everyone walk around with their headphones connected to their mobiles all the time. Your viewers might miss your message if it wasn’t easy for them to turn up the volume and listen to what you’re saying. Instead, use text and subtitles on your stories so they can watch them without sound.

Channels You Need to Avoid Completely

Some social media channels died even before they had their chance to grow and thrive. Google + for example is a famous “unpopular” channel that no one really use or care about – it’s sad, but it’s the truth. Having a profile on it is just a waste of time and resources unless you work for Google.

Myspace is another dead social media channel that took its chance and failed in attracting new followers and keep its current ones interested. It ended up with minimum to no activity on its platform and got easily eaten by bigger networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Stay away from Myspace and use your time to be active on other social media networks.

One of social media platform we’d like to highlight is Tumblr. Though it’s far from dead in terms of usage, it is not a channel we would recommend for most businesses to use. There are some niche audiences out there for this network that could work for more creative businesses such as artists but most businesses would find it hard to leverage Tumblr for their own advantage.

Now that we’ve mentioned the common mistakes on popular social media channels, and how to avoid them, we’ve summarised our points in the following infographic – feel free to save it and share it with your friends but don’t forget to mention Daffodil Marketing!

The Deadly Tactics of Social Media Marketing

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If you have any question or want help in managing your social media platforms, please contact us on 0345 2002650 and press 2 for marketing, or send us an email to hello@daffodil-marketing.com

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