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What does a website cost to build?


One of the first questions we get asked when a client is looking to get a new website is, ‘what does a website cost to build?’. It’s a good question because all businesses need to know their outgoings but unfortunately the answer is normally along the lines of, how long is a piece of string. The truth is a websites cost is entirely dependent on your budget, your goals and timeframe.

In this article, we break down what is needed to build a website and how different factors can affect the overall cost.


What do you need to build a website?


The essential building block for your own website, is a domain name. This name allows users to access your website and is normally based on the name of your business or a close equivalent. We’ve explained on the blog previously why you need a domain name for your business  , so check that article out to get a better understanding of why a domain is an crucial part of your website set up.

Its best to purchase a domain prior to your website build to secure the right one for your business. Domain names are normally charged on an annual basis.



Before we skip straight to the build, you need to consider where you are going to host your website. Website hosting is where the files and data for a website is stored and without it your site won’t be accessible to the public. Your domain is what a person types in the browser to find your website hosting. We’ve explained the difference between a domain name and a website here.

Depending on the provider website hosting will normally be charged monthly or annually. There is also many different types of hosting and the one chosen will be completely dependent on the type of website you need building.

A developer or a website builder

Once you’ve acquired your domain and you know where you’re going to store your website, you need to build it. There are two options at this point, using website builder software or using a developer. The option you choose here will be dependent on the factors we discuss in the next section and as such the cost of the build can be £0 if you build it yourself up to £10,000+.


What factors affect the cost of a website?

Website can normally be divided in to several key defining categories based on what the businesses main goal for the website is.

  • Brochure sites are small sites that show end users a business’s products and services and the main action they want the customer to take is to contact them or visit in store. A brochure site is normally the most affordable as it does not that have lots of features that could be reliant on having a database.
  • Ecommerce sites are built for companies that are looking to sell products and services online, though they may have a store presence as well. An ecommerce site can be much more expensive as there is a lot more work that goes in to creating a system that can handle orders and customer information.
  • Portal sites bring information together in to one area for users to find out information and perform actions. These can be used by company staff, customers and suppliers and is moving in to the realms of a web applications. These advanced websites are the most expensive as they have many custom features and take a long time to build.
  • Blogs can be the main focus of the site, for businesses that using content creation as their source of revenue or they can be part of a brochure or ecommerce site for marketing purposes. These sites need more work due to need to collect and keep information as the blog is updated.


The type of website and its primary action may be your dream but does your budget match and your time scale match to the work that is needed. The simpler the website the less time and expertise you will need to accomplish the finished project. If you need a small site simply to provide contact information and a list of services, then using website builder software will allow you to create a basic site as a very minimal cost. If you want a more professional website with more features, blogs, payments or integrations then having a website designer and website developer will allow you get the right website for your needs.


So, how much does a website cost?

Prices range from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds.

  • Basic Brochure – One to five pages , ideal for self employed and small businesses in traditional industries: £200  – £500
  • Professional Brochure – Several pages, rich content, responsive, integrations, ideal for small businesses, freelancers and startups: £500 – £2000
  • Ecommerce Sites – All the features of a ‘small business website’, plus Ecommerce functionality, Order management and custom features, ideal for any business looking to sell online : £2000 – £5000
  • Bespoke website and systems – Database driven websites with advanced functionality and integrations, ideal for companies that require complex functionality: £5000 – £20,000+


Find out how much your website ideas will cost

If you are interested in finding a design and development team that suits your needs, please speak to us.  Call 0345 200 26 50 to speak to our sales team or email hello@daffodil-marketing.com to tell us about your next big idea.

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